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The Theatre of Children Fantasy /TCF/ is a game for children aged 5 – 11 and playing this game children can create fantastic stories and illustrate them according to their life experience - everything they have read, learned and went through.

The Game is represented in 4 books:

  1. Eloquent” you can play with 4 cards – heroes from a fantastic kingdom and 4 cards for the plot;
  2. “The Live Fantasy” describes local nature and teaches how to create stories for nature protection;
  3. “If” shows 2 more complicated versions of the Game and describes the importance of the water in the nature;
  4. "The Golden Apple" is a guide for teachers, parents and librarians.

You can find this site in Bulgarian using the menu on the left. You may translate it and use it free.

Sounding Exhibition for the Acid Rain and The Mastership City. Paints, pantomime, dance, music illustrating the stories for The Acid Rain and The Mastership City – those were the masterpieces of the Rousse 4 Th. class students – users of “Ljuben Karavelov” Library`s Children Dpt.

That was the time of everyday gas flow over the city.

Over 4000 children took place in The Sounding Exhibition. Ecological upbringing, stimulating children's creativity and reading skills – this was the result of the activity. Also it was a lesson how to fight for basic human rights – for clean nature, health care and life.


The Acid Rain and The Mastership City   

Acid Rain  / in Bulgarian, Russian, German /       

Stories` Makers

/ The stories are translated into Bulgarian, Russian and German. /

Aim of the Sounding Exhibition

Makers`presentations / in Bulgarian, musical forms/


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